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Our Two Miracles

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Jordan's Story

I have written a bit about Jordan's CP and what he has accomplished so far.

Jordan is followed by the Newborn Follow-Up Program where they check to see if he is doing what he should be at his "corrected" age level since he was so premature. He is evaluated once every 6 months and is doing okay, he is behind in a lot of things due to his Cerebral Palsy, not necessarily his prematurity. When he was 9 months old they noticed that Jordan's legs were stiff (spastic) and that's when he had an EEG and was seen by a neurologist and we were told that he had CP. For the next six months I had a very hard time dealing with this and it was hard for me to get involved in Jordan's therapy. It's not an easy thing to think your baby is fine and then all of a sudden everything changes in just one day. Over time I accepted the fact that my son will have this condition for the rest of his life and he is still a super kid and then it was easy to get involved. I want to help Jordan reach his maximum potential so my husband and I stretch his legs as much as possible and make him work in different positions to strengthen his other muscles. It is very demanding but also very rewarding!

The hard part about Cerebral Palsy is that at this point no one can tell us what Jordan will/won't be able to do in the future, or what he might have trouble doing. It's hard not knowing.

Jordan uses some special equipment to help him do certain things. The Rehabilitation Center for Children (RCC) in Winnipeg has made him a Cozy Seat, A-Frame Stander, Floor Sitter and a Bath Seat. His booster seat has also been modified to help him sit better for eating and he has AFO's (Ankle and Foot Orthotics) which he wears for standing.


Jordan got his first piece of special equipment - a Cozy Seat - when he was a year old. This seat was so great because it allowed him to sit up with support and he was so much happier sitting rather than always being on the floor on his belly. I could sit him in this chair and bring him in the kitchen and he would play and I could actually get something accomplished - like making supper!


Jordan got a Floor Sitter at 18 months old. He could use the chair just to sit or I could attach the tray (as seen in the photo to the left) and he could play with toys. This is a wonderful chair for Jordan!


At 21 months old Jordan learned to pull himself up on his crib & other furniture to his knees. In the beginning, it would take him 10 mins. sometimes just to pull himself to his knees on furniture. He worked very hard at this and was so happy when he finally could do it!


Jordan got AFO's (ankle & foot braces) at 21 1/2 months old. These help keep his ankle at 90 degrees and his feet flat on the floor while in a standing position. We put them on Jordan when we are working on "standing" with him.


When Jordan was 13 months old he started "commando" crawling, using his arms to drag his body around (stomach on the floor). His hands would be palm side up most of the time, making it hard for him to move but he worked hard and got around anyways; he is a very determined boy and doesn't give up easily! It was nice for us to see Jordan getting around the house.


After Jordan rec'd the Botox injection in his adductor muscles, he could balance himself when put in a "side sitting" position.  Nov./02


Jordan got his A-Frame Stander when he was 18 months old. He would go in it once a day for 30 mins. at first. I would put him in it and let him watch his favourite show "Elmo's World" from Sesame Street to keep him occupied.



The RCC made Jordan a bath seat at 19 months old. He really likes it and it sure helps mom that he can "sit" in the tub instead of laying on his back or tummy!


Jordan-so proud of himself!!!


At 22 months old, Jordan could get himself into a W-sitting position on his knees by himself and support himself with his trunk. He was very happy when he could do this and it is now a very functionable sitting position for him. It helps us out a lot that he has a way of sitting all by himself now, especially when we are at other peoples places.


When Jordan was 22 months old he started crawling using his arms and hands properly and his stomach off the floor. He would move his arms forward and then move both of his knees forward in a "bunny hop" motion. We were very excited to see that Jordan was crawling more efficiently, now we are working on his leg movement.  Jordan still resorts to "commando" crawling when he is in a hurry to get somewhere!


Jordan rec'd a Pony walker/gait trainer in Dec./01 from a wonderful mom of twins with CP that I talk with on the internet - bless your heart!!  Jordan likes to stand in it but because he has such a dynamic "scissoring" gait he is not able to propel himself in it - in time that should change.